Welcome to Countryside Ride's Official Website!   Our Very First Full Length Cd, recorded in 2010 , COUNTRYSIDE RIDE is NOW AVAILABLE! We've just got this thing up and running so bare with us for a little while!  More "content" coming!  Check out our calender and add yourself to our mailing list!   See Y'all on the dance floor!

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Our Latest Newsletter

Howdy Folks,

     It's been one heck of a summer for us so far, and here we go charging into the fall!  It's been quite a while since I've updated this thing, so I figured it's about time!  After playing all over the northwest all summer long, we're slowing the shows down a bit, just to catch our breath, but don't fear... we've got plenty of exciting stuff coming up and plenty of good venues!

     First off, our "home bar," NICK'S TAVERN is back up and running again, and we have some dates booked!  If you know our band, you know that Nick's in the original honky-tonk bar in Amboy, WA, gave us our first gig, and we played there almost every month for 7 years or so until they closed down last December.  Needless to say, we're super proud that they're open again and we can't wait to go back!

     We play the FIRST FRIDAY of every month at Jollie's Restaurant & Lounge, at the Clark County Fairgrounds exit (exit 9 off I-5) from 8:30-12:30.  This is a great historic Clark County music venue with a big dance floor, good sound, plenty of seating, plenty of parking, good drinks, good food, and a diner that's open all night long!  If you want to come out and dance, this is the place to be!

    For you Folks who want to see us on a weekday, we're playing the Third Thursday of every month at Portland's #1 dive bar, The Spare Room!  This place is a great little venue, big dance floor, good food, great service, plenty of seating, and once a month, they let us raise a ruckus!

     Then of coarse, you know Fourth Friday at the Landmark Saloon, The "Best Little Honky-tonk in Town," is always a good time!  This place is truly Portland's only Real Home for Honky-tonk and Classic Country Music!  With the best staff, patrons, drinks, food, and music in town, we couldn't be prouder holding down a Fourth Friday here once a month!

    That pretty much covers our regular gigs, but we will be headed out to Hood River, OR to play the River City Saloon soon.  We've got some dates out in Manzanita, OR with our good friends at The Sand Dune Pub, and will be headed to Seattle, WA soon to play The Little Red Hen again!  
We hope you check out our calendar, we should be updating it with more dates very soon, and with any luck, we'll be seeing you at your favorite honkytonk bar soon!

     Honkytonk Man, 
     Bret Ervin Lien


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