Welcome to Countryside Ride's Official Website!   Our Very First Full Length Cd, recorded in 2010 , COUNTRYSIDE RIDE is NOW AVAILABLE! We've just got this thing up and running so bare with us for a little while!  More "content" coming!  Check out our calender and add yourself to our mailing list!   See Y'all on the dance floor!

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Our Latest Newsletter

Howdy Folks,
    Just a quick update on what we got going on THIS WEEKEND!
    First off, this Friday, we're headed out to our favorite Hood River, OR venue, the River City Saloon!  If you're anywhere close to Hood River, c'mon out and spend Friday with us!  We're bringing our good buddy Kevin Healy along to play some of the best fiddle that you've ever heard!  We start around 9:00!  They've got great food, drinks, and a big stage and dance floor with fancy lights and a killer sound system!  The River City Saloon is ALWAYS a great time!

     On Saturday night, we're back at the place where it all got started for us.  The infamous and historic Clark County music venue in Amboy, Wa, and our "Home Bar," Nick's Bar & Grill, or as all of us who've grown up around North Clark County call it, Nick's Tavern! This is a true honky-tonk with tons of seating, three, count em' THREE, pool tables, and an old hard-wood floor where you can drink and dance and then drink and dance some more!  We go on at 9 and play until they kick us all out!  Kevin Healy will be with us on fiddle for this one as well!

    We aren't playing anywhere Sunday, but I, Bret Ervin Lien, will be playing a duo with the illustrious Ian Miller at the Landmark Saloon starting around 8:30!  Ian is one of, if not the best darn guitar picker in Portland!  He'll be a pickin', and I'll be a grinnin'!

    As far as the rest of the year goes, the Friday after Christmas, we'll be back at The Landmark Saloon for our monthly "4th Friday" show!  We play from 9-12:15 or so here, and it's THEE PLACE to see us in Portland, OR.  It's the best little honkytonk in town, and the only place you can see Classic Country and American Roots Music on a regular basis any night of the week!

    This brings us to NEW YEARS EVE!  We're playing the HISTORIC TROUT LAKE COUNTY INN'S BIG NEW YEAR'S EVE BASH!  This is another Classic Northwest Music Venue tucked away at the base of Mt.Adams in Trout Lake, Wa, and it's "Our Kind Of Place!  They'll be having some great dinner specials from 5-9, and we'll be striking up at 9:00 and honkytonkin' right into 2015!  

    Here's a little more info, if y'all our interested too:  Founding members Josh and Jessica are expecting their second little bundle of joy in few months, so we'll be cutting back our gigs quite a bit until spring/summer, but will still be playing our regular spots at The Landmark and Jollie's with a few special events and one off-type gigs until Jessica is ready to take the stage again.  We've got some great bass players lined up to try and fill her shoes, when she actually does go on her maternity leave sometime in February, but, like I said, we'll be cutting back to 2-4 shows a month, just to make the transition and the arrival of their little girl as easy as possible!  In the meantime, we'll be taking extra time to rehearse and get more new material ready!  Exiting stuff around here!

    That's about it I guess, thought I'd fill y'all in on what's going on with the Countryside Ride Band!  We've been plugging away at this for about 8 years now, and we don't plan on stopping anytime soon, so as long as you keep showing up, so will we!  We hope to see you all real soon out on the Honkytonk Hardwood Floor!  

Bret Ervin Lien,
Countryside Ride

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